Prophetic Words

(From March 2004 to April 2010)

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Blessed is he who comes in the name of YESHUA!


Shalom again, Peace to you from the Throne of YESHUA our God, Lord, Savior, Teacher, Pastor, Healer, Prophet and our Everything! In this page you will be able to find some prophetic words, visions, words of knowledge and dreams that the Lord spoke to some brethren since 2004.

Some of the words are very short and may not have much meaning for some but they can be full of meaning for others. The interpretation of the words are not published here, if you feel touched by some word you can send an email asking for the interpretation or by sending the interpretation if you receive it.

If you have a word, vision or a dream you received to be shared with others, please send it to us. We will not publish your name.

Note: Periods (…….) signifies something left out. Extra spaces in a sentence ( ) signifies a gap of time.

May the Lord YESHUA show you many wonderful things while reading.


4 of March 2004

"Your authority used in the correct way brings victory"

22 of March 2004

"You are My chosen people. You are My chosen one. You are My servant."

"Son of man prophecy over these stones: I will destroy you says the Lord."

28 of March 2004

"Pray for the Gates of Jerusalem"

28 of March 2004

"Labors, labors, labors. Pray for labors to build a house."

1 June 2004

In a Vision; there was a building with many plaques (like the plaques that professionals put in front of their buildings), in all of them was written the same Hebrew word "Ekeea", this is in English "was vomited".

5 June 2004

"The one who descended was the same one that ascended"

11 June 2004

In a Vision; there was a pool with many boats made of paper (like the paper of newspaper), they were all exactly the same. Suddenly the drain was open and all the boats went with the water quickly.

17 July 2004

"The time has come to have an open gate to heaven".

8 September 2004

"I will take out the grieving of the House of Aaron"


10 October 2004

In a Vision; there was a throne in the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and someone was siting in the throne. While in the Western Wall the religious Jews were praying, suddenly a voice from the heaven says; "Wait until I will make him fall and then you will take the control".

A few hours later a word spoken. "Islam falls".

January 2005

"Listen to My Word and you will find rest for your souls".

13 January 2005

In a Vision; In Jerusalem it was raining small brown stones, like they were made out of clay.

15 April 2005

"It is coming up from the bottom of the sea"

16 May 2005

"Coming from the bottom of the sea"

18 May 2005

"He changes the desert into lakes of water"

23 May 2005

"This is the time when Israel is going to say, "baruch hava veShem Adonai" (Blessed is he that comes in the Name of the Lord)."

23 May 2005

"The number of gentiles has been completed"

28 June 2005

"The time is coming when you are going to live together and share all things. This is only the beginning of that time."

13 August 2005

"The place needs to be prepared for the battle"

14 August 2005

In a Vision; a sister was walking with YESHUA hand in hand and people where following them, suddenly the Lord disappeared from her side. She looked back and asked the people, where did He go? They answered to the mount. She asked again, to what mount? They said, to the Mount of Olives. Then she heard a voice from the heavens saying, "Two days".

15 August 2005

"The thief comes to destroy and kill. The Angel of the Lord is here. The Angel of the Lord. The Angel of the Lord".

15 August 2005

"Wherever you go whatever you do I will be always with you"

26 August 2005

"Grace and Favor"

12 October 2005

"I want you to go and tell My people that I'm coming soon"

15 October 2005

"Not by might and not by Power but by My Spirit".

"I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy"

11 November 2005

"True Grace is the ability to use my Word". "True faith is the ability to act on My Word". "Favor is the ability to use the Grace". "Now is the time for the supernatural increase".

16 November 2005

"I want you to go and take the moon and the star and put them under your feet".

22 November 2005

"And all the earth will know that My Name is YESHUA". "Two Years".

12 December 2005

"The heavenly hosts are marching and they are marching in the Name of YESHUA.

16 December 2005

In a vision; a place where streams of water join together and the Lord said; "where the waters join together".

7 January 2006

"I cast out Jezebel"

9 January 2006

"The Lord revealed that the ancient way of pronouncing the name (Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey) was Yehoo".

13 January 2006 (Jerusalem)

"So great a travail, so great birth, salvation for the nation"

21 January 2006

"I want you to go and tell the sons of Israel that I'm coming soon".

26 January 2006

"Behold, all the kingdoms came to belong to Me, all principality, all authority is under My feet. When I want to do something, won't I do it?"

26 January 2006

"The old things have passed away, behold all things are made new".

"Behold, I made new all things".

20 January 2006

"My will is indestructible, nothing can stop My will".

"I will pour My Grace upon you as you rejoice".

"I will deal with the enemies".

"Sorrows, weeping and cry".

23 January 2006

Question; when are you coming Lord? Are you coming this year? "No". Are you coming next year? "No". Are you coming the year after next year? "No". Are you coming the year after the year after the next year? "No". Are you coming in four more years? "No". Are you coming in five more years? "No". Are you coming in six more years? "No". Are you coming in seven more years? … Silence. (no answer.)

27 January 2006

"The heavenly host are ready to be released".

February 2006

"I want you to pray to the four winds. I want them healed, whole, righteous and in unity".

2 February 2006

"For one righteous I will not destroy the city".

4 February 2006

"The blessing is in the obedience".

7 March 2006

"I have heard the cry out of My people". (translation)

8 March 2006

"Deliver My people"

"The heavenly host are/have been released".

9 March 2006

In a dream; "The finding of the ark will be the trigger that will bring the building of the third Temple".

19 March 2006

An angel spoke and said; "He deserves to be adored".

24 March 2006

"I have another thing to tell you. My coming is soon, it won't be delayed. Fill your lamp stand with oil so you won't be caught short".

"There is new realms of Glory, enter in".

"My Glory is not bound".

"Stick with the simplicity of the Gospel of the Messiah".

"The enemy will not devour My Power".

April 2006

In a vision; the country of Israel was seen bombing the heart of Iran, after that clouds of dust came over the Middle East, many developed cancer. But we have contact right through the wall of dust to the Throne of Elohim.

5 April 2006

"My Word is seven times effective".

"I'm shaking the heavens and the earth".

9 April 2006

"I will shake the city".

24 April 2006

In a Dream; There was a city with fog, only the towers could be seen higher than the fog. All the towers were obelisks. Then the Lord said; "The fog will be so heavy that it will be dangerous even to walk".

Later that day; "The city was Jerusalem".

May 2006

"Will you be ready?

I will give you your heart's desires as you seek my face. Today I will do mighty things in your midst. Great signs and wonders. A title wave of revival. A foretaste of what's to come. Signs, testimonies and wonders. A great wave, ride it! Go with the wave.

Arise and shine for your light has come and the Glory of the Lord has risen upon you.

My Spirit will shine in dark places. Will you be ready?

Be light in a dark place. My Spirit will shine and they will come out of their dark hiding places and become new creatures in Messiah and then their families.

My sons will run and do great works by My Spirit even for the nations to see.

Do not fear, do not hold back but run, run, run with Me".

6 May 2006

"There is going to be three stages for you to see. First stage is, display of My Majesty. Second stage, is display of My Mercies. Third stage, is My Coming."

27 May 2006

"Because I, Myself will open the wells. I, Myself will descend".

29 May 2006

"… even they see My wondrous works, and the glorious things I'll do, yes this world shall see my Glory, great and mighty things I will do. These are the last of the last days, get ready, get ready I'm coming in power, this is the hour of power.

Yes, divine acts of My majesty, miracles, great miracles and signs and wonders for all to see. My Glory displayed before all to see, to see My power. I'll pour My power out on this earth, My signs and wonders, My miracles, My demonstrations of My Spirit. Yes, great power and outpourings, outpourings of My Spirit to home groups, yes they will see My Glory, signs and wonders to follow.

I will authenticate My apostles, you are an apostle, and the works of the apostles will be done, believe Me.

Do you believe me?

And you will see great works of My majesty, the power of My Glory, the transforming work of My Spirit, Great things, great works by great power, I will anoint My sons with a fresh anointing from the Holy Spirit to do My works that I'm sending forward in the midst of this hour to bring forward to a rebellious nation the glory of My power, to turn them from the darkness into My divine light, yes the hour of power has come, get ready. Yes, get ready to work, get ready to labor, get ready to pray get ready to see My great works, get ready to see what I can do through My sons.

The world hasn't any power over my sons, My sons have power over this wold! Believe not the evil one, for I'm the sent one, I know how to send My people and prepare them for their work, yes they wear armor, armor tanks going forward in the battle, who shall arm them? Who can touch my sons? See what I will do.

Thou I'm making ……. nations, My sons shall be seen in the light of My Majesty.

They will win, this end time war will be won through My sons, My sons are victorious, they carry My nature, My work will I do and bring it to force speedily and cut it short in righteousness, that this world may see that the only begotten Son came from Me. I'm God almighty, shall not the world fright before Me, for I will shake this earth. Yes, mightily shaking in outpourings, mightily shaking. Yes, outpouring, powerful works, signs and wonders in the heavens, demonstration for all to see, the works they've been praying, for they shall come to pass. Yes My sons, get ready, get ready the great outpouring is upon you, yes it comes from far indeed, it's great, it will be overwhelming at times but trust in me and my Glory you will see. More to see than you had ever seen, you will see great things, yes, great works, the heaven shall be shaking. This is the big one, yes, be ready, prepare My sons, be ready to run, there is a great wave coming, a wave that will set the nations free and show them My glory. Yes, My glory shall come abroad for this world to see. Yes, bring them in. To bring the harvest in, to bring them in for eternity. Yes, My sons will run, My works will be done for all to see. Rejoice, this is eternal redemption.

My redemption plan, coming to fulfillment, by the Son of man. For My Son will return. Powers will be shaking in every nation from the top, now it will come down. My words, My ways and things that I showed you, for they are revelations and they shall surely come to pass in this hour.

Do you know what hour you are in? Do you know what time it is? Do you know the season? Do you know where you are ………? Do you know when I'm coming? So listen to me My sons, I'm the teacher. Let the son/sun (?) arise with healing in his wings!

See the future with the eyes of the Spirit, do you see what the Spirit is saying to the churches? Do you understand the day you are in?

Awake and pray and I will show you the way, for the things to come, will come through My sons. My sons have the power of victory for all to see, ………….

So be awake and be watching for this is the hour of My return, great things are in the works, watch and pray.

Are you worthy to escape the things that are coming and to be found standing before the Son of Man? Are you turn …… to the Spirit? Watch and see for My return only comes once to snatch away My bride and my People, Will you listen and obey?

See the way, today is the day, stay awake and watch and pray.

I warn you to watch for Me! …… each and pray, watch for me for this is the day of total victory.

I want (you) to stay awake with Me. Are you watching? Are you waiting? Are you waiting for me? Are you sitting at my Sons feet? What will you do when the Son knocks? What will you do when the Son comes to your heart's door? Will you open?

Are you at the door waiting, for the Son knocks to open and answer, to let them in and to keep the thief out. Are your gates attentive to His return.

What is your focus? Where is your heart? Where are your desires? What are your concerns? Where are you?

I'm calling to the sons, Where are you? Are you with me? Are you hearing Me? Are you following me? Are you doing what I tell you? Are you in the right place in the right time? Are you in my perfect will?

My perfect Will will set you free as on eagles wings you will soar to the victory, set you free from the power of the enemy. You will run and dance, you will be free if you stay watching for Me, if you follow Me you will be free, for the Son will set you free if you follow Me.

Rejoice for I have given thee victory.

The victory is won take your stand, take your place, the enemy will fight but he will be put …….. "

5 June 2006

"A mighty rushing wind"

8 June 2006

"All that will be believed, will be seen". (translation)

13 June 2006

"Because it's time for the gentiles to receive a capacity to teach". (translation)

14 June 2006

"Both of them are truth". (Persecution and sealing)

15 June 2006

"The time has come to have an open gate to heaven"

17 June 2006

"I'm the Lord, I will do it, I will bring it to pass in a short work. The end has come".

3 July 2006

"Don't forget about the Shofar"

8 July 2006

In a vision; YESHUA was speaking to His Bride and He said to her; "Banana, I love you".

31 July 2006

"What I want you, to go and tell to the sons of Israel that I'm coming soon".

7 August 2006

"Magnify Me in the day of need and I will defeat all of your enemies"

9 August 2006

In a Vision; Greece was seen and the Lord said. "There My people are"

2 September 2006

In a vision; the country of Israel and the Mediterranean sea was seen and the Lord said. "From the bottom of the sea it is controlling Israel".

14 September 2006

In visions and words repeatedly the Lord said; "Collective judgement"

15 September 2006

In a vision; a tornado was seen hitting only one part of a building and the other part was left intact and the Lord said; "Selective".

22 September 2006

In a vision; judgement over leaders of the faith was seen and the Lord said; "Effects".

7 November 2006

In a vision; a lion was walking free, we needed to be careful because of that.

5 December 2006

"Move and Grow"

15 December 2006

"Exalt me in the day of need and I will defeat all your enemies"

19 December 2006

"There is victory, there is victory"

25 December 2006

"I resist the pride and I love the humbleness"

5 January 2007

"Ephraim is coming back"

23 January 2007

"A higher call"

1 February 2007

"People don't acknowledge Me".

5 March 2007

"I command you to go".

5 April 2007

"The body of the Messiah is in danger, because the Angel of the Lord is here. He is on the ground".

26 April 2007

"Los Angeles, California"

15 July 2007

"Do not fret yourself because of evil doers for soon they will be cut off, you will look for them but you will not find them. The day is coming says the Lord when only what pleases Me will rule and reign in this planet, great transformation will take place, enormous changes are coming soon.

Hold your hands up high and keep your heart pure before Me, and you will be right and in right standing when I come to judge the earth for judgement must begin at the house of God, and judgement has already begun. How are you doing today? Are you ready to be judged, tell My people judgement is coming and it's already here.

You have heard judge not unless you will be judged, but I tell you judge yourselves!

Time is short. Now, will I show Myself on My holy throne. Who I Am and my purposes, intentions and plans I will not hide from anyone. I will bring them to pass in their midst, for I am not ashamed of Myself of My ways and of My kingdom. Do not be ashamed of Me and My works in this wicked generation all things must come to pass and I'm on the throne and I'm holy to bring it to pass. Rest with Me, rejoice with Me, all things are coming to a close.

 And ….. My Son I will exalt before all nations for all to see and I am God and there is no other says the Lord God King of all the earth."

11 August 2007

"This is the time to light the flames of the Spirit".

September 2007

" Its all heart seeking and understanding all knowledge of Truth which is the word of God ".

13 September 2007

"Come out of Babylon My people says the Lord!".

2 December 2007


16 December 2007

"I'm the Torah".

January 2008

"In the beginning there was the word & the Word was God & the Word was with God & the Word was made flesh & walked amongst us".

5 January 2008

"Revenge is mine, says the Lord".

11 January 2008

"San Diego, California".

21 February 2008

"The later rain will shake the earth. I don't want earthen vessels, Spirit and truth I adore".

1 April 2008

"Major changes".

5 April 2008

"Expect the unpredictable".

In a vision; the north of Chile was seen in a vision, a large part of the north was under the sea and the Lord said; "it will sink down".

8 April 2008

"What was will be no more and what is will be for evermore".

26 April 2008

"There is a blessing for those that want to receive it".

21 June 2008

"An emergency plan to bring the people home".

July 2008

In a vision; the heaven was coming down to the earth. All flesh was on its face bowing down.

July 2008

"Amman will burn until the Lord returns"

18 July 2008

In a vision; one teardrop was seen from up close, it was dark inside it. Then, the face of the Lord was seen with two tears coming down His face.

25 September 2008

"In the moment before getting married it's good to ask for forgiveness".

25 October

"Wait upon the Lord and I will make the crooked ways straight".

"Rejoice in YESHUA always".

"My glory is a consuming fire burning the chaff, purifying, only the holy will not be consumed".

"I hate religion, is the opposite to My Spirit. In My Spirit there is freedom, in religion there is bondage".

A word of knowledge; The Tree of Life is YESHUA, you eat, you have eternal life.

“I change the times and the seasons, thus saith the Lord”

26 October 2008

An angel spoke; "The Lord will do something"

1 November 2008

"The Tabernacle of David must be restored before I come to judge the world".

12 November 2008

"The sons of God have become the sons of man, they are the only ones that know who they are"

"Called by my Name for My Glory".

"These are the days of awe".

"The anointing will break the yoke and remove the curse".

"I will be seven times brighter than the son as in seven days"

9 December 2008

"Manna from the ancient times, Manna from the eternal fountains"

5 December 2008

"The time has come to have an opening gate to heavens"

13 December 2008

"My Power went forth, My Glory went forth and will go forth"

"My people are resisting Me"

 16 December 2008

"… Those are the mirror, they are My mirror image".

18 December 2008

"Now Israel is attacking the heart of Iran". (Received 3 times)

In a vision; black believers were having a white baby.

In a vision; the beautiful, pure, perfect, clean and splendorous hands of YESHUA were seen working with clay molding, pushing and turning slowly and gently shaping a vessel. The white sleeves of His garments were also seen.

19 December 2008

"Broken hearted, until they return and become one".


20 December 2008

In a vision; a star was seen falling into the earth. It was falling in 90 degrees, the star was white pure color, the time was not day not night. (Rev 9)


21 December 2008

In a vision; a creature was seen standing, it looks like warrior, a man size, it has a big dark tail like a scorpion but towards the front. The upper part was similar to a person but more details from the upper part could not be seen, (Rev 9:7-10)


"My Word will not come back void but it will prosper in the plans I have for it."

"He is telling to speak His Word over Israel".

2 January 2009

"I'm coming, get ready. Tell my people"

 11 January 2009

"Tiempos del Fin"-"End Times"

(It was received simultaneously in two languages)

16 January 2009

"Go and tell my people that I'm coming back soon"

 17 January 2009

"I will exchange death for life"

18 January 2009

"I'm building up a city for My people"

"The battle was won, I never loose a battle"

 19 January 2009

"In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God." "The Word is the manifestation of God and He was in the beginning" (Translated from Spanish)

 23 January 2009

"In the last day you will know I'm God"


  30 January 2009

"I will reveal My Glory"

"I will reveal My Glory as never before"

"I will be weary no more"

"No more wearied"


  5 February 2009

"The anointing is here" (received many times)



  20 April 2009

"I am stirring My Glory for all peoples, tongues, tribes and nations to see"

"Yes, to see"


  29 April 2009

"Ketubah" (Hebrew word received by a non Hebrew speaker)


  1 May 2009

"Arise o'son"


  2 May 2009

"My Word is pure, and is a light to those who receive"


9 May 2009

"Holiness, His Holiness"


  12 May 2009

"I will subdue My enemies in righteousness, in perfect righteousness"


  13 May 2009



  15 May 2009

"The anointing will come with the rain"


  16 May 2009

"I will go before you, I will subdue your enemies before you ... and I will fight as in the days of old"

"The angels will subdue the enemy and put them to sleep"


   21 May 2009

"I am sending away the complainers, I need Yoshua's and Caleb's"


29 May 2009

"Bring Me My lost sheep"


  1 June 2009

"Joel 2"


   2 June 2009

"One Word, one Truth"


6 June 2009

"They will be in the midst of Me, and I will be their God"


  9 June 2009

"They will have the heart and the mind of YESHUA"


  20 June 2009

"Say to My people come, come to the rivers of living water, come to the river of life"


26 June 2009

"Be strong and of good courage, because I'm coming soon" (translation from Spanish)


27 June 2009

In a vision a field was seen with what looks like wheat, very tall and gold color. In the field there were what looks like two strong people. I asked the Lord who are they, He said "laborers". Then He said, "The harvest has come", "Reap".


29 June 2009

"I will destroy the enemy with great power and glory"


3 July 2009

"                   "


9 July 2009

Word of knowledge: "YESHUA does not take on names from man"


15 July 2009

"We are entering into a new era"


16 July 2009

"A blessing, a big blessing is coming .... and it's here"

"Something is coming and is big, ...... is big"


October 17 2009

"For those the keep Torah hear this message son of men; I will bring judgment to the earth; I will seal the people from My Torah, My Torah will be the protection for the end time prophets; My Torah will bring judgment to the nations; I’m releasing My Torah, releasing “The Scroll” over all the earth"


October 23 2009

"I am releasing something" ...then He spoke "light and darkness"


December 2 2009

"Go to the water and receive your destiny"


December 13 2009

"Saul stops reigning"

"The vaccine is the mark of the beast" (received many times)

December 18 2009

"A stirring in the spirit, then the words; The whirlwind of the Lord went forth"


December 25 2009

"In a dream, I heard a roar in the distance, then I heard say; the young lions are coming, then I heard a roar closer, the people were running. I thought, why are they running? they are only young lions, so I run also."

December 26 2009

"Two dates. 7 of January"

December 28 2009

"7 of December"


January 13 2010

"The Lord said in prayer; come to me and I will heal you even into your bones"

February 1 2010

“It is time for miracles”

February 3 2010

“Jerusalem must be restored before My coming”

February 9 2010

“He is preparing a table set before His enemies”

February 10 2010

“Those who fear His Name are in His righteousness”

“Joshua’s and Caleb’s will bring them in great strength”

“Peru, Sunami”

February 12 2010

“Israel restored”

February 26 2010

In a dream the dry rivers in the land of Israel were seen, then YESHUA said,

“The greatest reserve of water in the world”

February 28 2010

“Go and tell to that people that they need to repent. For I will strike that nation again if they do not repent.”     “YESHUA”

March 1 2010

“Warn them about the Rapture”, “Tell them about My coming”

March 3 2010

2 Samuel 21:6. “The Gibeonites retaliated, David rise up, famine is over.”

March 10 2010

“Watch your boundaries”

April  2010

“Because I repent from the evil that I wanted to do to these people”     “Nichamti” (Hebrew for “I consoled”)

April 7 2010

“And all the earth will fear your Name and bow before your Throne”



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