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A Vision For This Hour



Greetings of Peace from Jerusalem in the Name of YESHUA, to all His people.

I pray you are all blessed and in manifested victory, for the Glory of YESHUA!

I take the liberty to publish this two visions and prophetic words received by different brothers, because I see it as essential in this hour to know this. This morning I received a word, YESHUA said to me warn My people. This warning message requires faith to be believed, that I pray you have.

YESHUA is coming soon, be ready.



First Vision


August 27, 2009 J. W. Matutis

While trying to prepare my message, the Lord showed me a vision.

I saw a large pasture with very many sheep. All of a sudden, from every direction and from all over, came wolves upon the herd, mixing themselves amongst the sheep. Neither the shepherds nor the shepherd dogs (of utmost importance) sounded any alarm. They lay on the floor as if hypnotized. There was just a bit of panic within the herd. The sheep did notice that something was wrong, but they took no serious note of what was happening. They just continued grazing in a relaxed manner. The shepherds and the shepherd dogs on the other hand noticed nothing.

As I observed closely, I saw the wolves, which had fangs like snakes in their mouths, tweak (pinch or prick) the sheep on their buttocks. These twitched briefly, and then continued their relaxed grazing. After a short while, the wolves ran from the herd, withdrawing themselves again into the mountains, without having stolen a sheep or inflicted any visible harm on them.

On seeing all these things, I thought to myself. 'This is not at all possible, that wolves would come amongst sheep and not harm them. This is out of character!' Then as the wolves left the sheep, I saw all of a sudden the leader of the wolf pack, together with his whole wolf fellowship on a high cliff. It was like a great beast; a monster. Then the wolves began to howl and yelp. The shepherd, shepherd dogs and all the sheep were terrified, shivering and shocked.

And the leader of the pack began, like a demon, to speak with a deep human voice. “My dear shepherds, dogs and all my dear sheep. You now belong to us. We have you completely in our hands. We were amongst you, without your noticing anything. We worked amongst you in disguise. We even inoculated you with a 'serum' that makes you now ours. You are all, as at now, bearing our 'mark'. We have also inoculated you with our spirit and data, without your having been aware. There is now no more escape for you. The whole flock is now under our control.”

I then said in my spirit “No! The Lord is my shepherd. I will have nothing to do with the devil and his demons. I will not have them as my shepherds.” Then spoke the leader of the wolf pack even further with a sneer on his face, saying “The sheep here ate and slept. Your bellies and welfare was more important to you.”

Now hear what this demon said to me very clearly: “We have now come to take revenge for our man of the Gadarenes. Back then, your Lord cast us out of him, and we had to flee into swine and spring into the abyss. Now though, we have recovered and are strong enough to leave our cursed dwellings again. We have therefore returned from the abyss to take revenge against Him  and his works. These sheep all grazing here have been infected by our demons from the abyss. They can no longer escape. They belong to us absolutely.”

I was shocked!

Here, God spoke to me saying 'my son, every person will be asked to compulsorily take immunization against the swine flu in the next few days. This is a disguise. They will in the process be infected with demons from the abyss; all who do not have my spirit and my seal upon them. Yes, it will be such that that they will receive a deadly spirit inoculated into them. This will allow the wolves do with them what they like. Whoever does not follow them, antagonizes or stands against them in any way, will be eliminated at the touch of a button.

'For such will there be no more escape from them. Yes it is true, my son,' says the Lord. 'These cursed spirits will arise again out of the abyss and return through the “swine” to continue their mischief amongst the people who neither know nor follow me. I however, with my church will do same as then. We will depart from that area. So will those demons from the abyss exterminate one third of humanity.'

Then said the Lord to me further, 'But you, my children, who follow me, must be bold and brave, and say NO! Do not allow yourselves to be pricked and inoculated. You must consistently trust me. I will take you with me to the other shore, and we will continue there. For you my children, life goes on quite normally. You are my sheep. You hear my voice and follow me. And I send you as sheep amongst wolves. Warn all my children and all men of good will against this worldwide compulsory inoculation. It appears harmless. It is not!

'It is more the return on the ancient demons of the abyss. Warn everyone! Even when you are termed “paranoid” and “terrorist”. You are my children, and my people. You are holy. You should therefore have no other “stigma” in your bodies. Your body is a temple for my holy spirit, and not a secret dwelling for demons, which had been cast out by me, from which I delivered you,' says the Lord.


Other Vision

 (from a different brother)


The Lord, a few years ago gave me a dream, of a farmer plowing a field, while his sheep were grazing in another of his fields, where dogs were watching them. A pack of wolves decended on the flock of sheep, and I tried to call out to him to warn him, because his dogs were not reacting to the danger, but the farmer kept on plowing, and didn't even hear my cries, or if he heard them he had no intention of stopping what he was doing to tend to his sheep.

When I read this vision today I instantly remembered the dream the Lord had given me.....Many today will not hear the warning, and will scoff and mock, but they will have been warned!



 What I Received

Dear brothers, YESHUA showed me a few more things about the vaccine.

·       One of the ways of administrating the vaccine is in your nose, when I first saw this I could see that the upper part of the nose is between the eyes, immediately the Holy Spirit led me to check the Aramaic New Covenant book to see that the mark of the beast is between the eyes, not in the forehead like the Greek translation says.

·       I felt also in my spirit that the vaccine must be against the Torah, I did a research and discover the vaccine have some "Hydrolyzed Porcine Gelatin" (at least the one produced in the US), not only the uncleanness from the pork that is part of developing it they added pork gelatin! And the Torah of Elohim warns us not to touch dead bodies or part of them from unclean animals. Therefore the vaccine is against Torah.

·       Then I had in my spirit to check if the vaccine is connected with the number 666, and I found out that yes, that is the number of "biodefense stockpile", US666 and EU666, is connected with the vaccine, used to refer to the vaccine. Also a Bible code was found with the number 666 and a sentence mentioning swine flu.

·       It is obvious that when they will force vaccination they are not going to let buy or sell to people without the vaccine


You can check all of this information by yourself, but the most important thing is to hear the voice of YESHUA in this warning message.

Please agree with me in prayer that Israel will be the only country that will not force the vaccine, and in this way the "Last Great Exodus" will start soon, and all the remnant of Israel will be back in this Land like Elohim promised to Abraham.


Arise and Shine for your light as come ...


All the Honor to our King Messiah YESHUA!





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