This version of the New Covenant written in the Aramaic language is the original language of the New Covenant book (for a deeper study go to, is closer to the Hebrew than the Greek, because the Aramaic language is similar to Hebrew, having with this an advantage over the Greek language.

This version of the New Covenant must be taken seriously, because is free of the pagan Greek way of thinking of that time, and even can mathematically be proved to be the original.

As an example of that we can read that in Mark 12:29 when YESHUA quoted the passage of Deuteronomy 6:4 He said:

shma ysrayel maryah alahan maryah chad hu.

This is in English:

Hear Israel. Yhuh our God Yhuh is one.

Using Yhuh like the original Hebrew and not the word Lord.

Note that "Maryah" is the word that the Aramaic uses for Yhuh. For the word Lord in Aramaic the word "Mar" is used, keeping a clear difference between the word Lord and Yhuh like the original Hebrew of the Old Covenant.

In the following verse of Mark 12:36a, taken from the Peshitta Aramaic New Covenant Text in Hebrew characters, we can see this difference very clear:

hu geyr david emar beruha dkudsha demar maryah lmari.

In English:

For he David said in Holy Spirit, Yhuh (Maryah) says to my Lord (Mar).

This is this is exactly what is written in the ancient Hebrew of Psalm 110a:

Neum Yhuh ladoni

Yhuh says to my Lord

Proving in this way that the Aramaic is more acurate, this is a big advantage over the Greek that uses only one word for these two words, loosing in this way the real meaning of many important verses.

Knowing this we can receive the "glorious revelation" also from the Peshitta Aramaic New Covenant Text.

In the following table you will find a simple literal English translation of only a few verses taken from the Aramaic that without any doubt are proclaiming that YESHUA is "Maryah" the same "Yhuh".

Aramaic in Hebrew characters

English Translation

For unto you is born this day a Savior which is Yhuh Messiah, in the city of David

Luke 2:11

YESHUA said to her, woman where they are? No one condemn you She said, No man, Yhuh. And YESHUA said unto her, Neither I condemn you: go, and from now on, sin no more.

John 8:11

Therefore let all the house of Israel know for true, that Yhuh and Messiah God had made that YESHUA whom you have crucified.

Acts 2:36


 For the Glory of YESHUA.


YESHUA is coming soon, Get Ready! 



In the Love of YESHUA HaMashiach


 Note: Unless otherwise indicated the verses from the Bible are in "light blue" and taken from the translation called "The King James Version 1769", the literal translations are in "dark blue", the Name YESHUA has been kept in his original Hebrew form, the Greek word Christos has been kept as Messiah his real meaning.

(*) The expression "the LORD" has been kept also in his original form of four letters Yhuh where "U" is a "long U", this is the transliteration of the Hebrew letter "Vav", that YESHUA in His big mercy has revealed to us was the old way of pronouncing.

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